Croissant Corsage


Croissant Corsage

We know, there is just something irresistible about our Honey Butter Croissants surrounded by flowers, so we got ya!

We've captured step-by-step directions so you can create your own at any time and for any occasion! Just pick up an order of Honey Butter Croissants at your local Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen and get crafting! (Just don't forget to grab extra for snacking!)

Make a Cheddar's Croissant Corsage

Get started with these materials to make a croissant corsage.
Step 1: Arrange baby’s breath along edges of the elastic band base and glue in place.
Step 2: Hook the craft wire through the croissant and attach it to the base.
Step 3: Wrap a ribbon around the elastic band base and tie a bow.
Step 4: Slide the croissant corsage onto your wrist and enjoy prom.